A typical question:

Ramadan dinner is being planned.

yet, you all still think he’s Christian?

Yet another Islamic event at the White House to continue celebrating the Month of Jihad (according to Muslims). Take the hint at what this "Next Generation" gathering is signaling. Hat tip BareNakedIslam.

The administration’s marking of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan continues Tuesday when the State Department hosts an event geared toward young Muslims, and an Iftar dinner with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Obama hosted an Iftar meal breaking the day’s Ramadan fast on Aug. 13. In his speech, he supported the right of the Muslim community to build the planned controversial mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, comments that touched off a firestorm including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) breaking with Obama and saying the Islamic center should be built elsewhere.

Tuesday’s dinner will feature a video address from Clinton. Special Representative to Muslim Communities Farah Pandith will host a special "Generation Change" event before the dinner with speakers and discussion groups.

"Consistent with the Secretary’s commitment to engaging the ‘next generation’ at the grassroots level, this year’s Iftar will feature many guests chosen because they represent some of the best and most innovative American Muslim leaders under the age of 30," the State Department said in a press release Saturday.

Yeah! The next generation of jihaddis.

Remember, Obama cancelled the 2010 White House National Day of Prayer ceremony. The National Day of Prayer has historically been the first Thursday in May, since Harry S. Truman put it into effect in 1952, but wasn’t official until the days of Ronald Reagan.

For eight years, the White House held a celebration on the National Day of Prayer, and last year Obama cancelled the celebration, and the ceremony has been cancelled for 2010. In 2009, CNN reported that Obama was toning down the National Day of Prayer by cancelling the White House ceremony, but that the official day was not cancelled.


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  1. Labella Ladannan says:

    Do you think he might be a moslem?